Agencies, MGAs & Insurance Companies


Our insurance lending program is targeted to Retail Agencies, Wholesalers, Holding Companies and MGAs (with or without related insurance company operations). We have the insurance industry experience and expertise to design and secure debt capital for your business.

We can arrange acquisition, growth, and expansion loans or refinance existing loans to improve cash flow, rates and terms. Ideal transaction size is $250,000 to $1,500,000, but we also have funding sources for much larger transactions depending on the situation.

We have access to a wide range of lenders focused on insurance-related lending including banks, Preferred SBA lenders, and specialty lenders.  Our experience enables us to match your unique situation with the lender that can best meet your requirements and needs.

Consulting & Due Diligence Services

Quivira Capital provides practical, focused consulting services to business owners.   As veterans of business and insurance with CEO, COO and CFO experience, we have the expertise to deliver tangible and direct benefits to our clients. Our services are available on an hourly or contract basis providing our clients the flexibility to engage us for short duration projects or longer term roles.

Sample Engagements:

  • Due diligence guidance and/or assistance
  • Business Plan development, ProFormas
  • Financial analysis modeling & budgeting
  • Debt forbearance/restructure/refinance negotiations with existing lender
  • Strategic Plan development and facilitation for small & medium size insurance companies, including county mutuals

For a confidential discussion, please contact Bill Williams at or 800-850-8490 Ext 3 or Jim Jones at or 800-850-8490 Ext 1

Insurance Industry Lenders

Collateral Preservation

Quivira’s Collateral Preservation activities (CP) provide third-party management of commercial loans. This includes monitoring and analyzing borrower financial performance, covenant compliance, operational performance and, if required, provide troubled loan assistance & support.  Quivira’s comprehensive CP reporting process provides lenders with timely qualitative and quantitative analysis:

  • Financial Performance:   Financials are collected, reviewed and analyzed using a proprietary financial analysis model that includes quantitative numerical and graphic reporting of financial performance and key credit metrics including financial covenants. Our CP reporting also includes a qualitative narrative analysis of financial, operational and credit quality.  This model can be customized to lender specifications.
  • Covenant Compliance:   Because loan covenants and reporting requirements vary significantly by loan, Quivira’s compliance monitoring and reporting is customized for each loan to monitor and report on both financial and non-financial covenants.
  • Operational Performance:   Monitoring and reporting also includes operational activities, market conditions, new initiatives or other changes in operations that could potentially impact financial performance.
  • Troubled Loan Assistance & Support:   In the event of loan default or other borrower or loan problems, Quivira has the industry experience and creativity to assist in finding a solution that maximizes lender’s recovery.

Lender Clients have 24/7 online access to all CP reports, borrower financial statements and other loan and borrower related documents via Quivira’s proprietary, secure internet site (eRoom).

Loan Servicing & Administration

Quivira provides third-party servicing and administration of commercial loans including general loan administration, billing, collection & distribution of funds and litigation management.  All documents & reports related to each loan’s servicing & administration are available to lenders online 24/7 via Quivira’s proprietary, secure internet site (eRoom).   Loan Servicing & Administration services are available with or without Collateral Preservation services.

All Quivira services and reporting can be customized to meet lender requirements and needs.

Contact Jim Jones at or 800-850-8490 Ext 1 for more information about Quivira’s lender services.